Single, Self-Respecting Woman

Since that revelation about a week ago, I have started making some changes in my life. I see now that I am a worthwhile person, and that if I want to flourish, and be able to love and respect myself…I need to treat myself with respect.

For me that has meant maintaining high standards, and not settling for anything less. I don’t want to start dating individuals who don’t possess the qualities I desire and respect, or who won’t respect or support me. I also refuse to have sex with anyone I don’t love, and who doesn’t love and won’t commit to a relationship with me. I don’t want to just give myself away freely and easily to anyone. I never have, and I understand now why this means so much to me. It’s about valuing and loving myself, and recognizing that I am worthwhile, worth waiting for, and deserving of love and a relationship.

Not just any relationship either. I am holding out for a man who will love me for who I am, and all that that entails. I want someone who will support me, and stand by my side. I want someone who understands my desires in life, my need for adventure, my need to be active and involved in both volunteering and advocacy. More than just understand though. I want someone who will work by my side. I need someone who will understand that I will always be unique, vary rarely truly conform, and most certainly not be the perfect domestic housewife.


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