Co Morbid

Thus far my focus has mainly been on my most intense metal health issue, anorexia.

However I, like most other eating disorder sufferers, also stuggle with a great deal more than “simply anorexia”.

I have also been fighting a long hard battle with depression since I was 10. I have survived three major suicide attempts, and many, many idiations and incidences of self mutilation (more commonly known as cutting, burning, ect). I do consider myself largely improved, and this may be in no small part do to a more less effective coping mechanism…starving and purging.

Like most individual who struggle with depression, the root cause acctually lies in an anxiety disorder ( personally anxiety has been noticable and debilitating since early childhood).

In my case, the root cause of depression would be several mildly related anxiety disorders. Some purely biological, many triggered by a certain situation and further compounded by biological predisposition. They are as follows:

1. GAD (generalized anxiety disoder)

2. Panic Disorder (think panic attacks)

3. Social Phobia

4. PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder…for which I will soon be receiving REMDT [Rapid Eye Movement Desensatization Therapy])

5. OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder)

The purpose of this post is not to prove what a nut case I am…that should be clearly self-evident by now. It is to demonstarte the complexities of dealing with  co morbid disorders. One more revelent issue will mask the rest, and therapy is the process of peeling back the layers. Then dealing with the most debilitating condition first.

This is also why medication targeting multiple neurochemicals are so effective. Sometimes returning the balance of one or two transmitters can help alleviuate the symptoms of multiple conditions.

I hope this has been midly informative and at least slightly helpful.


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  1. exanorexic Said:

    I think, sometimes, that anorexia can be a (misguided) way of trying to control other disorders. Panic attacks or mania feel controllable. Anorexia feels like control (at least to start with).

    Until the other stuff is dealt with it’s pretty difficult to give up the crutch of ana…

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