Hello Hospital, Hello Home

That night I passed out when I got up to walk into the kitchen, and was unable to stand up, or situp, or really even talk. My mom tried to get me to take in a tiny bit of boost, but I was unable to. My rituals, and fear of calories prevented me from getting in even a tablespoon. It became quite obvious that I needed to see a doctor, and soon.

The next morning I went to the hospitals walk in clinic, had a checkup, and a doctor filled out a referal form for me. He took one look at me and told me and my mom I was burning protien, my body was canabalizing itself. He also told me I was dehydrated. After the intake he told me mom to take me over to the hospital for IV fluids and nutrients.

Sitting in the waiting room I began to loose more and more strength. I couldn’t walk on my own, and my mom had to carry me in once my name was finnaly called. They did a bunch of bloodwork. They hocked me up to an IV and gave me two bags of saline. Once my bloodwork came back a nurse rushed in and pushed the largest suringe me or my mom had ever seen into my IV line. She told us as she did it that it was pure glucose. She said something about my blood sugar being 2.1 and left in a hurry to get more blankets as this was really going to hurt. She was right. My arm burned, and I could feel all my veins burning as the glucose made its way through them. My body swelled and I was shaking. She upped the drip, told me to stay still…and that I would be discharged shortly. Someonementioned that if I could not get anything down to come back the next morning.

About 12:00 the next day I was back in the hospital waiting room, once again passing out. This time it was a little more serious. The first Nurse came in with warm blankets and another IV. Then there was the mchine hooked up to measure my vitals, then the first ECG. The first round of bloodwork was processed fast, and the attentending doctor called my physician at home for a medical background and asked her to admit me ASAP to any ward that would take me. Shortly afterwards another round of ECGs, bloodwork, monitoring, nurses and blankets cirilated through. Then I was being wheeled to the second floor into critical overflow. I couldnt walk to the washroom on my own to the nurses and my mom took turns carrying me. Soon the doctors autherised a change in IV bags to one that included glucose and nutrients instead of injections. That burned worse. I remember screeming and crying….and the nurse who was smart enough to bring hot towels to heat my blood and the glucose so my body would accept it more readily. I will always be thankful to her for that.

About 2 hours later it was time for the next round of bloodwork, ECGs, and tests. It was at this point I began to realize this was probably going to be more than an overnight observation and began to worry.

At this point in time it had been 8 days since I had eaten anything. My family was becoming worried that we had not gotten any answers back from anymore yet, and nothing was been done. What we did not know at the time was that the hospital has no idea what to do with me, and needed to contact specialists in order to find out how to proceed. So we waited.

A day or so later I met with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. It was then that I hear the first news about my medical state. My heart was beginning to slow and give out, and my other organs were damaged. They were still trying to figure out if I should be treated as a medical case, or a psychiatric case. They said I could come to the psych ward when I was stable, or I could continue to be treated on a medical basis. What I didn’t know is Dr. Roa had already made that choice for me. She had also decided that if I did not eat soon, I would be tubed.


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