Enter Mom

Calling your mom and asking for help is probably one of the worst feeling for someone as independent as me, who really does not want to admit the need any help, from anyone. I felt abit like a failure. Ontop of that I was terrified about what she would think of me. What happens if even my own mother hates me?

It turns out my mom had a pretty good idea that I had a problem, and unbeknownst to me had contacted an eating disorders clinic. On a trip to Deluth she had noticed that I became extremely aggitated, and would not continue to shop until I got laxatives. I told her I was painfully constipated, she was trying to deny my addiction.(Sadly it was her that introduced me to them one day when I was constipated…likley from not eating anything).  She also noticed that I didn’t eat very much..not really anything at all. She also noticed…like many others that I had lost well over 65lbs.

I should have know that if friends and coworkers had figured it out, she would have too. Sadly I didn’t.

So I called her up and told her that we should go have “coffee”. That was about all that was needed….I don’t normaly do coffee, so it was immediatly seen as an in to talk.

After we finnished with the necissary small talk I admitted that the reason I hadn’t been over recently was that I was going through laxative withdrawl, and I didn’t want to eat. I admitted I hadn’t eaten anything for at least 5 days, and that I was unable to do this on my own any longer. My mom sat and listned, and it didn’t seem to be the normal type responces I would ussualy expect to get from her. Shortly after I finnished talking she told me that she had already contacted the eating disorders program, and asked me to come home with her and look over the information and program outline.

Seeing as I didn’t have a car at the moment, I was obliged to.

Looking over the program information, it became obvious to me that I did indeed have a problem…and a rather large one. I agreed to see a doctor and look into an interview…just to see what the program was like, and if I thought it was something that would help me.


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